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Elizabeth Gage is an award winning jewellery designer whose work is characterised by her bold, imaginative use of colour, innovative techniques and the sheer audacity of her design. Elizabeth Gage creates some of the world’s most inspiring and distinctive jewels.

The business designs, manufactures and retails original 18ct & 22ct gold, gemstone and enamel jewellery. By almost any measure Elizabeth Gage is a unique boutique business. From its prestigious Belgravia premises the company serves a global clientele, many of them from the United States.

The Challenge

Elizabeth Gage needs to maximise the value that technology returns to the business. It also needs technology services that support its ability to service a clientele that often expects nothing less than perfection. It needs reliable IT and a highly personalised service from a supplier that understands its business.

Michael Marks, Production Manager, for Elizabeth Gage says:

“The real challenge is ensuring that we are able to meet the demands of our customers with a highly polished service. To do this we need to have a technology partner that understands our needs and is able to meet them.”

The business faces the challenges typical of a small boutique business. Employees are focused on the core business and it does not have expertise in non-core areas like technology. Typically, it needs an IT partner to provide administrative and management control of systems such as digital security and back up as well as supporting day to day productivity across its creative, production and sales functions.

The Solution

Paralogic provides Elizabeth Gage with complete service and support for the infrastructure, network and business broadband services. This includes remote and onsite service for software, user computing devices, servers, printers, switches and routers.

“Technology is a very important to our business. We are a luxury global brand, but we are a small company without internal IT expertise. It’s a creative business and we need access to services that support us in providing the highest standards of customer care.”

One of the key aspects of the IT solution is the backup system. Paralogic manages and maintains a RestoreSafe solution which backs up files offsite to the Paralogic data centre and enables rapid file restoration and recovery whenever the need arises.

“Our design process is based around a highly detailed digital visualisation of each piece in Photoshop. Throughout the production process access to these files is essential.” A corrupted or lost file during production could have a serious impact on customer service, especially if it is a one-off commission created to a customer’s unique specifications.”

The Results

The founders of Paralogic have been responsible for providing outstanding technology services to Elizabeth Gage since 1994. Over the years this relationship has provided the all-round service to enable Elizabeth Gage to obtain the maximum benefit from its investment in technology.

Network upgrades have seen the replacement of older daisy-chained networking with structured Cat5e cabling and there have also been a number of rounds of server upgrades.

To avoid overloading the second floor, the server infrastructure and its rack were relocated within the building. Another technology that has been integrated includes IP telephony. Naturally, in this type of business, security is of paramount importance and physical as well as digital security systems have been integrated too.

From consultancy, advice and solution design, to sales, implementation, training and support, Paralogic continues to help this small but unique world-beating British company to shine and succeed in a competitive and exclusive global marketplace.

For Elizabeth Gage, it’s not so much about cost, it’s about value. “The levels of trust, familiarity and reliability we enjoy with Paralogic are truly outstanding. Over the years there have been a lot of other suppliers – perhaps a hundred or so – that have shown an interest in providing us with IT services. Unfortunately for them, such is my satisfaction in partnering with Paralogic that I do not need to look anywhere else for IT service and support,” Michael Marks says.

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Company Overview

  • Award winning jewellery designer,
  • a global clientele
  • Prestigious Knightsbridge premises


  • Maximise the value of technology in the business
  • Support for servicing a clientele that often expects perfection
  • Needs reliable and personalised service from a supplier that understands its business


  • Complete service and support for infrastructure, network and business broadband services
  • Access to services that support the ability to provide high standards of customer care
  • Reliable security and RestoreSafe offsite backup solution

Key Results

  • Partnering and supplying outstanding technology services since 1994
  • Outstanding levels of trust, familiarity and reliability
  • Helps a small but unique world-beating British company to shine and succeed in a global marketplace


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