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Introducing Benemen cloud-based Unified Communications

Affordable Unified Communications for the way we work today Many will have come across Unified Communications or UC which is a system which brings together the channels, devices and locations of business communication. Early incarnations…

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Scale hyperconvergence recognised by IT industry as Best Midmarket Hardware Solution at MES

Award winning HC3 hyperconvergence from Scale We are pleased to be able to announce Scale was named as the Best Midmarket Solution: Hardware of the Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) XCellence Awards 2016 on May 3…

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Scale Computing true hyperconvergence delivers maximum value for on-premise and private cloud computing

Paralogic recommends Scale For as long as Paralogic has been in business one of our main activities has been to supply, deploy and support on-premise server infrastructure. The conventional one-server-per-application approach proved highly successful, until…

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Cloud services: What’s stopping you from maximising the benefits your business gets from cloud technology?

Survey shows 93% of companies using cloud technology The results of a survey published last month suggest the cloud is continuing to win converts from the conventional on-premise approach smaller, expanding and mid-sized organisations use…

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Video conferencing etiquette: 5 tips to help you mind your manners when using video communication for business

Following the best practices of telepresence Andy Warhol said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes… and it seems for many their idea of famous involves getting on TV. However, in these days of pervasive…

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Vidyo: The video conferencing solution for which businesses have been waiting

Paralogic recommends Vidyo At Paralogic we’ve worked with smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses for many years. We’ve often been asked about video conferencing solutions but we’ve felt unable to recommend a solution that meets the key…

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Video conferencing FAQ: A buyer’s guide to transforming communications efficiency

A significant opportunity to transform efficiency Video conferencing has been around a long time and it offers businesses a significant opportunity to transform efficiency. Despite technology breakthroughs dating back to the 1970s and 80s, prices…

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Using Microsoft Office 365 To Grow Your Business With A Diverse Workforce

No matter the type of industry you’re in or the size of your company currently, growing a business is hard. To do it effectively, you need the best tools at your disposal, wherever possible. It’s…

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Heart Internet customers suffer up to 24 hours website and email disruption due to 9 minute power outage

Power supply safety mechanism triggered incorrectly Heart Internet, one of the most popular providers of domain, hosting and email services for businesses across the UK, suffered a serious outage which led to sustained disruption for…

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How Do You Migrate To Microsoft Office 365?

When we took a look at some of the top IT predictions for 2016, the proliferation of cloud-based technology and software was right up at the top. And one of the biggest factors for this…

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Paralogic named one of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies for second year running

1st February 2021

For more than 20 years, Paralogic has been working with small and medium sized businesses, providing outstanding IT support that they can rely on. We’re thrilled, therefore, to be named among the best MSPs in…

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Equifax security breach: What if it happened under GDPR?

9th October 2019

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant shake up of information security for many years. Despite the toughening of rules and the harsh treatment of companies by regulators and the…

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